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At West Point Aesthetic Center, we're pleased to provide a number of facial services that will restore your skin to its radiant best. Our expert estheticians only utilize the highest-quality Image Skincare products to give you flawless skin. Image Skin Care is a line of cosmetics created by a team of doctors and chemists with a global reputation for their expertise. Image Skincare products are completely made in the United States and are among the highest-quality options available. They believe that using high-quality materials will lead to remarkable outcomes. We offer the appropriate facial for you, whether you're experiencing acne, fine wrinkles or simply want to revitalize your skin.

Acne Facial

Before beginning any facial, our estheticians will evaluate your skin and provide recommendations based on your unique requirements and concerns. Salicylic acid, enzymes, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide are used in our acne facial to rapidly treat all types of acne by dissolving excess oils and surface blemishes.

Acne Lift

This facial resurfaces the skin and calms irritation, making it ideal for the treatment of any type of acne. Acne can be properly treated and healed with the help of anti-inflammatory substances like chamomile and salicylic acid included in The Acne Lift.

Before starting the Acne Lift, our esthetician will clean and prep your skin. The peel should be left on for roughly two minutes after application. Some discomfort from heat on your skin is to be expected and is manageable. After the peel has been carefully removed, a mask will be used to hydrate and calm your skin.


During microdermabrasion therapy, the outer, rougher layer of skin is gently removed using a diamond tipping wand, a minimally invasive device. This facial will give you the shine you've been waiting for, thanks to microdermabrasion, a noninvasive cosmetic technique that eliminates the top layer of dead skin cells.

Acne and acne scars can be treated with microdermabrasion, as can enlarged pores (to the point where they can be completely eliminated), hyperpigmentation (darker than average patches of skin), a dull complexion, and an increase in collagen production.

Microlaser Peel

A superficial layer of damaged skin is removed during the procedure to enhance texture and restore a youthful look. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the accuracy and depth with which it can be applied. You may modify the technique to meet your unique needs and goals for your skin.

European Facial

Our latest facial, the European Facial, is our most soothing option. This treatment is designed to let you relax while also thoroughly washing and moisturizing your skin. The results will leave your skin feeling and looking younger, healthier, and more supple.

The first step of a European facial is a thorough skin examination performed by your esthetician to determine the most effective skincare regimen for your skin type. The next step is a deep cleansing of the affected region, followed by steaming to loosen the skin and remove impurities. After cleansing, your skin will be exfoliated, massaged, and treated to a custom blend of moisturizer and toner.

Wrinkle Lift Forte

Glycolic acid and retinol work together to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful, rested look with this wrinkle lift.

A thorough cleansing will kick off your lift and get your skin ready. After waiting two minutes, your esthetician will remove the lift. It is typical for the skin to feel tingling as the peel begins to work, but this sensation should subside once the lift is no longer on the skin. After the peel is taken off, a mask designed to hydrate and brighten the skin will be applied.

Perfect Lift Forte

The Perfect Lift Forte uses a potent combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol to reverse the signs of aging, discoloration, and scarring. With only one session of this intensive treatment, you'll look years younger.

Before beginning the treatment, our esthetician will clean and prep your skin. The elevator will remain on for about two minutes after being activated. After carefully taking off the lift, a mask will be placed on your skin to hydrate and calm it.

Facials at West Point Aesthetic Center are more than just skincare treatments; they are rejuvenating experiences tailored to restore your skin's natural radiance. Call West Point Aesthetic Center at (909) 281-9512 to make an appointment immediately!

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West Point Aesthetic Center, Fontana, CA

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