Obagi is a skincare line that offers a wide range of benefits and promotes overall skin health.

Obagi Medical is known for delivering highly-effective products designed to fight visible signs of premature skin aging, dark spots, and sun damage.

Obagi products offered at West Point Med Spa:

Obagi Nu-Derm System

(offered in regular and travel size)

This transformational system works well on normal to dry skin to correct the skin’s appearance by reducing darks spots, hyperpigmentation, and improve signs of aging.

The Obagi Nu-Derm system includes everything you need for a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Obagi Foaming Cleansers

A go-to for acne breakouts and oily skin, Obagi foaming cleansers digs deep into pores to remove dirt, oil, and removing makeup, dead skin cells, and other impurities. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed, clean, soft, and new!

Elastiderm Serum

What makes this serum so special is its' ingredients: bi-mineral complex, copper, caffeine, and malonic acid. Combined, these ingredients will leave your skin under your eyes looking smoother, firmer, younger, and healthier.

Obagi 360 System

Ideal for younger skin, this system includes everything you need to address signs of premature aging. In less steps than other systems, the 360 system products boosts cell turnover to prevent acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase firmness. ⁣

Obagi SPF Matte

Obagi broad spectrum provide a combine UVA/UVB protection in a non-greasy and fragrance free formula for all skin types. The matte formula is designed to reduce the look of shine an sweat, leaving a less oily and more radiant look.

Obagi Tote

The Obagi tote contains Elastiderm Cream and a hydrate facial moisturizer. Designed to help your skin retain moisture, the Obagi moisturizer will hydrate your skin without any flair ups. The Obagi Elastiderm Cream is ideal for encouraging collagen and elastin production, thus restoring a more youthful appearance.

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