Asclera Injection

Asclera (polidocanol) injection is a perception medicine that is used in sclerotherapy to remove unwanted veins. It is used to treat two types of veins:

1. Uncomplicated spider veins (very small varicose veins smaller than 1 mm in diameter)

2. Uncomplicated small varicose veins, that are also known as recticular veins (1-3 mm in diameter)

You should not receive Asclera if you:

  • Have a known clotting disorder

  • Have a known allergy to polidocanol

  • Are pregnant or nursing

How Asclera Works:

Asclera injection is an injection of a sterile chemical into the vein. Asclera is an FDA-approved treatment that can be injected into a vein. It works by damaging the inner wall of the vein, and eventually, the vein collapses on itself. Over time, the damaged vein is replaced with fibrous connective tissue and prevents blood flow through the vessel. Most patients will require multiple treatments to ensure the best results. 

*We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation, where we will work with you to determine the best treatment plan.

During your Consultation:

  1. Risks and benefits of sclerotherapy will be explained to you by your doctor.

  2. Your doctor will examine your veins and determine the best treatment plan for you.

  3. You'll be able to schedule an appointment to receive treatment.

Before your Appointment:

  1. Do not shave your legs or use lotion on your legs the day before treatment.

  2. Bring or wear a pair of shorts during the procedure.

  3. "Before" treatment photos may be taken.

Day of Treatment:

  1. Antiseptic will be used to clean all treatment areas.

  2. A very fine needle is used to inject Asclera into treated veins.

  3. You might experience slight stinging  with each injection.

After Treatment:

  1. Walk for about 15-20 min immediately after the procedure, and daily for the next few days.

  2. You might see slight bruising or skin irritation at injection sight, this is normal and will resolve over time.

  3. For 2-3 days after treatment, avoid:

    1. Heavy exercise​

    2. Sunbathing

    3. Hot baths and saunas

    4. Extended periods of sitting or standing, such as long plane flights

When you will see results;

It can take several weeks to see final results. Most patients require multiple treatment sessions in order to see desired results.

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